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What is Website Development?

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining a website. It is the work that happens behind the screen to make a website look and feel great, perform fast and provide a notable user experience. Web developers do this by using different languages, tools, frameworks and design methodologies. . Choosing the right design, appropriate framework and programming language is quintessential for any website and it depends on the nature of the website, the customer/end-user profile etc.


What we do?

Traversia is a web development company based out of Gurugram, Haryana. We at Traversia have created a reputation to help our customers scale, increase brand value and presence and reach their full potential. . Our objective is to grow your business in a cost effective way. Our wide range of services encompasses web designing, web development, and web promotion. Our team of experienced business analysts understand your requirements, assess the market scenario, competition and target audience and strategize an approach. Then our team of UI/UX designers step in with their creative caps on - the objective is to provide a solution that fits your complete requirement.

How we do?

A website can be custom-built by a website development company to suit the unique needs and preferences that a business has. Most websites today are designed to be viewed on a mobile device first and then expanded to include larger screens. This is essential — your audience is likely to be more mobile users than those on a laptop or desktop. Websites must cater to these consumers by being mobile-first compatible and visually appealing. Our approach towards development of a website depends on a range of different factors that include the following:

  • - The type of organization (B2B / B2C)
  • - The industry/domain you operate within
  • - The audience demographics and geographies that you cater to
  • - Budget for the creation and maintenance of the website
  • - Objectives and goals (both short and long term)
Traversia is a distinguished name for website development in IndiaOur goal is to design and develop each project to deliver an exceptional user experience, based on the coding guidelines to adhere to the defined quality standards. A muddy and off-beat website can dent the overall appeal and presence of your business online. This is what we avoid at all costs. Traversia allows designers to adjust to any preferences and provide effective solutions. There are many standard components of every web designing company, including:
  • - Layout
  • - Images
  • - Visual hierarchy
  • - Color scheme
  • - Typography
  • - Readability
  • - Navigation
  • - Content
  • - Mobile
This is a staple of omnichannel marketing that most companies haven’t yet cracked. Your website isn’t just there to look pretty. It needs to convince visitors to start using your product, so write down your brand’s voice tone, colors and font that you wish to use on your website, as well as what will be the most attractive to your prospective customers. If something doesn’t jump out visually or if it looks strange or unprofessional, your customer won’t trust you or feel confident in buying from you. Our Approach At Traversia, we work as your in-house technical development team to design and develop robust technology solutions. We follow a proven process to gain a deep understanding of your project requirements and come up with a product design, create a high-fidelity prototype, develop the solution and launch the product that is not just rich in features but also scalable and secure. Design Design that builds loyalty and drives growth. That’s the power of meaningful design, and those are the outcomes our clients achieve when we collaborate to create the best user experiences on earth. Technology We build intelligent, highly secure and scalable web systems, with a focus on the customer. Our technology team guides you to a tech stack that is both effective and appropriate for your product vision. Maintenance & Upgrade Our ongoing commitment, including dedicated Customer Service and technical account managers, extensive online knowledge, and a customer-centric service model, allows us to support your solution and keep it up to date as well as competitive in the market. Cost We specialize in creating high value websites at optimal cost. Our full spectrum development services enable our clients to catalyze product viability.